HP (惠普) Deskjet 682c DeskJet Printer - USB or Ethertalk 驱动程序免费下载(ver. 3.­2)

在本页面,您可以永久免费下载HP (惠普) Deskjet 682c DeskJet Printer - USB or Ethertalk 驱动程序,设备类型为打印机。

DeskJet Printer - USB or Ethertalk (ver. 3.­2) 发布 2000.05.17。

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类型 打印机
品牌 HP (惠普)
设备 Deskjet 682c
操作系统 Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9
版本 3.­2
文件大小 5.63 Mb
已发布 2000.05.17

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DeskJet Printer Driver - USB or Ethertalk for HP Deskjet 682c Type: Driver - Product Installation Software HP DeskJet Printer Driverfor USB or Ethertalk Connectivity If you have selected the American English version of this driver,­ it should be used with all English applications.­ This printer driver will enable printing on DeskJet printers connected to Macintosh computers via: A straight USB cable connection.­ A USB-to-Parallel cable kit "DeskJet 610,­ 612,­ 670 and 690 series only.­" Ethertalk using a JetDirect print server connection,­ "for models supporting an ethernet connection.­".­ USB connectivity requires Mac OS 8.­5.­1 or higher,­ 32 MB of RAM and a minimum of 8 MB hard disk space.­ Ethertalk networking requires Mac OS 7.­6.­1 or higher and 16 MB of RAM.­ Installation Instructions: Download the .­HQX file to your desktop.­ Double-click to expand.­ Double-click on expanded file,­ named "HP DeskJet Installer",­ to begin installation.­

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