HP (惠普) iPAQ h5550 Pocket BIOS免费下载(ver. 1.­10)

在本页面,您可以永久免费下载HP (惠普) iPAQ h5550 Pocket BIOS,设备类型为掌上电脑 (PDA)。

HP (惠普) iPAQ h5550 Pocket (ver. 1.­10) INSTALLSHIELD 发布 2004.08.23。

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类型 掌上电脑 (PDA)
品牌 HP (惠普)
设备 iPAQ h5550 Pocket
操作系统 BIOS
版本 1.­10
文件大小 6.59 Mb
已发布 2004.08.23

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iPAQ Pocket PC h5500 Series Firmware Update for HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket Type: BIOS This package contains an "execute in place" (XIP) .­cab file that replaces the "Miscellaneous OEM" region of the ROM image for the listed handheld model.­ This is a permanent update to the flash ROM.­Important Note!This XIP update is designed to replace the Miscellaneous OEM region of the ROM image.­ It is important to read and understand the information in the Readme.­txt file included with this update BEFORE installing this package.­ This XIP update is for English and German languages only.­ ROM update version 1.­10 for all other languages already contains these fixes.­

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