HP (惠普) Compaq Presario V2665AU Quick Launch Buttons 驱动程序免费下载(ver. 6.­40.­17.­2)

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Quick Launch Buttons (ver. 6.­40.­17.­2) MSZIP 发布 2009.05.01。

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类型 笔记本电脑
品牌 HP (惠普)
设备 Compaq Presario V2665AU
操作系统 Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit
版本 6.­40.­17.­2
文件大小 23.27 Mb
文件类型 MSZIP
已发布 2009.05.01

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Quick Launch Buttons driver for HP Compaq Presario V2665AU Type: Driver - Keyboard,­ Mouse and Input Devices This package contains the software that enables the Quick Launch Buttons on the keyboard and the external Easy Access Buttons Keyboard to be programmed for the supported notebook/­laptop models and operating systems.­ This application enables menu control of various bezel buttons,­ such as volume,­ internal/­external display,­ and mute on/­off; HotKeys; and Docked Events.­

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