HP (惠普) mp2220 Digital Projector 固件免费下载(ver. 1.­2e)

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HP (惠普) mp2220 Digital Projector (ver. 1.­2e) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING 发布 2006.01.03。

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类型 投影仪
品牌 HP (惠普)
设备 mp2220 Digital Projector
操作系统 Firmware
版本 1.­2e
文件大小 1.69 Mb
已发布 2006.01.03

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Firmware for HP mp2220 Digital Projector Type: Firmware This is the European firmware release for the hp Digital Projector MP2200 Series which upgrades the projector firmware to version 1.­2 Version: 1.­2e December 19,­ 2005 Purpose: Routine Release Category: Firmware Language(s): Installation instructions: English Firmware supports: English,­ French,­ Italian,­ German,­ Spanish,­ Portuguese,­ Czech,­ Russian,­ Hungarian,­ Polish,­ and Greek.­ Mainframe Updates: Improves the resolution and stability of the auto-keystone function on mp2220 series projector.­ Version: 1.­1e September 2,­ 2005 Purpose: 1st maintenance Release Mainframe Updates: Added Eastern European Languages to the On Screen Display (OSD) menu: Russian,­ Hungarian,­ Polish,­ and Greek.­ Removes Asian Languages from the OSD: Korean,­ Japanese,­ Traditional Chinese,­ Simplified Chinese.­ Fixed issue with hide function to allow for a completely blank projected image when the hide function is enabled.­ Fixed volume and mute issues that caused the audio volume to decrease when mute is disabled.­ Fixed issue with the S-video tint to allow for correct adjustment of Red-Green colors.­ Fixed issue with reset lamp hours command so that the projector's hours are not reset.­ Fixed issue with VGA vertical offset to allow for slider adjustment.­ Fixed issue that did not maintained the Widescreen setting when projector was turned off.­ Fixed issue that displayed incorrect help messages.­ Fixed 'Out of range' issue for Hi-definition (1080i) signal when projector is started up.­ Fixed display problems with 1280x720 signals.­ Fixed issue with 640x350 signal that did not allow proper display of the menu.­

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