HP (惠普) Photosmart 812 固件免费下载(ver. 1.­00.­13)

在本页面,您可以永久免费下载HP (惠普) Photosmart 812 固件,设备类型为数字式相机。

HP (惠普) Photosmart 812 (ver. 1.­00.­13) PE SELF-EXTRACTING 发布 2003.01.28。

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类型 数字式相机
品牌 HP (惠普)
设备 Photosmart 812
操作系统 Firmware
版本 1.­00.­13
文件大小 2.96 Mb
已发布 2003.01.28

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Firmware for HP Photosmart 812 Digital Camera Type: Firmware Version 1.­00.­13 firmware includes the following fixes: Fix for battery level while on the dock.­ Fixed for low light color corrections.­ After downloading the ps350mu.­exe file to your computer,­ double click on the file.­ Double-clicking on the file will cause the file to decompress into a "c:ps350" folder on your PC.­ Please carefully read the "readme.­html" document in that folder for the instructions on how to update your camera's firmware.­NOTE: The instructions in the readme.­html file need to be followed precisely in order for you camera's firmware to be successfully updated.­

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